Ported Stepped Diffuser - GUNSTOCK

Ported Stepped Diffuser - GUNSTOCK

Next Generation Acoustics

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Ported Stepped Diffusers are designed to attenuate and diffuse high end frequencies while simultaneously scattering low end frequencies. 


Low End Scattering:  Up to 300hz 
High End Diffusion / Scattering: 1100hz - 8000hz


4ft height x 1ft width x 5in   (Actual: 47"x11"x 5")


Studio Control Rooms: 
These panels can be used to help achieve a more accurate frequency response throughout your mixing room. This is done by objectivity dispersing specific frequencies throughout your space. 
This helps correct issues that are causing acoustic anomalies occurring inside of your room.
Example: When mixing, if acoustical interferences are causing a 10 dB dip at 60 Hz, adding that much boost with an equalizer to compensate will reduce the available volume (headroom) by the same amount. Such an extreme boost will cause low frequency distortion in the monitor speakers and/or loudspeakers that are playing your mix. Furthermore at other room locations where 60 Hz is already too loud, applying EQ boost will make the bass "muddiness" problem much worse.

Live rooms: These panels can be equally beneficial in live rooms where live sound is being tracked/recorded. 
Example: Imagine if standing waves in your studio cause a huge hole at 80 Hz exactly where you placed a microphone for the acoustic bass - This poses an enormous problem.  Yet most studios and listening rooms suffer from this defect somewhere within their room.

Home Theater Rooms: Our ported stepped diffusion panels are ideal for enhancing the acoustical and aesthetic aspects of a home theater room. Especially if you have a surround sound system (as most home theaters do). This will enhance the performance of your surround sound system. By scattering and diffusing audio coming from the subs and speakers, you will create a more consistent listening experience throughout the room. Furthermore, listeners within the room will have an added sensation of sound coming from all directions at equal levels. 

Behind Speakers: This is a perfect application for our ported stepped diffusers. Whether you have a hi-fi listening room or a control room/mixing room attenuating frequency build up occurring behind your speakers is critical to improving audio playback. Bass build up is a very common issue that occurs behind speakers, especially sub woofers / large monitors. One way to address this issue is by installing extra thick (3.5in) acoustic panels to absorb the sound building/reverberating there. However, an alternate way to go about fixing this would be installing our Ported Stepped Diffusers to scatter and diffuser frequencies occurring behind your speakers. While looking really cool at the same time! 


The general consensus is that these are to work in the opposite fashion as Bass Trapping. Since bass typically "builds up" and has a greater presence in the corners of a room, these diffusion panels will have their most effective placement on flat surfaces - closer to the center point of a wall. A more detailed approach can also be used - by taking a frequency analysis of your room and finding where the bass nulls are within your space and installing them on the nearest wall respective to that location. These can also be installed at the various reflection points causing the bass cancelation within your room. If you would like more information on how to pinpoint where the "peaks" and "nulls" are within your room feel free to contact us at CustomerService@NGAcoustics.com

We are happy to assist you in determining where you may have peaks or nulls in your room free of charge. Customer support is our number one priority. 


One of the most common issues causing acoustical problems is bass build up/nulls within a room. 
Another issue just as common as bass build up (though less spoken about) are "bass nulls".
What is a bass null?

Bass nulls occur when the amplitude of low-end (bass) frequencies significantly decrease in certain areas within a room. This is caused when the phasing of a reverberating audio wave meets an opposing wave formation at the same frequency causing phase cancelation. This anomaly creates a null in those particular frequencies.  This is just as problematic as bass build up (as it is essentially the same issue but at the opposite end of the spectrum) Basically the bass (and/or other frequencies) in your room is not being accurately represented due to the shape of the room and how audio is responding within it. 

There have always been two simple solutions for this issue:

  • Bass Trapping.
  • Extra thick (3.5in) Acoustic Paneling

Until now! Our Ported Stepped Diffuser Panels can help combat pesky areas suffering from frequency build up and nulls within your room by diffusing/scattering low end & high treble frequencies. 

The most effective approach would be installing a combination of these products at strategic places to create the most accurate frequency response within your room. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions on what products are best suited for your space and where they should be placed in your particular scenario.

Each one of our Ported Stepped Diffusion Panels are hand made, with love by our team right here in North Carolina. Our ported diffusion panels are aesthetically pleasing and truly unique. These methodically designed panels are exclusive to Next Generation Acoustics, INC.


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