ACOUSTIFUSER - Grape & Red Mahogany

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Acoustifuser's are hybrid sound panels that simultaneously provide absorptive and diffusion properties.

Our methodically designed Acoustifuser panels are premium broadband absorption panels encased within wooden slat QRD diffusers. Strategically placed openings allow for accurate sound absorption & diffusion to occur in unison. This unique design allows sound waves to pass through and be absorbed while standing waves are diffused and scattered evenly throughout your room. 

Utilizing this hybrid absorption/diffusion design allows you to get the most bang for your buck, by doubling down on attenuating reflections within your room without compromising wall space!

Acoustifuser Panels add a unique aesthetic value to your space.

Every Acoustifuser is a passionately hand made work of art. Each panel is crafted in the heart of North Carolina (the furniture capitol of the World) and is made to premium furniture grade quality standards. These multi-dimensional panels are beautiful, unique and built to last. 

Acoustifuser's are custom finished on a per order basis - with love and meticulous attention given to every detail. Therefore, we ask that you please allow 3-5 business days for the custom fabrication of your Acoustifuser order. (Depending on quantity ordered and order volume)

    Diffusion Frequency Response Range:

    • Provides true, even diffusion at 848hz - 4520hz  
    • Scattering effect on frequencies from 648hz up to 9020hz


    • Dimensions: 4ft x 2ft x 7in 
    • Actual: (47in x 27.25in x 6.75) 
    • Weight: 40lbs  


      These panels are much heavier than standard acoustic panels and require adequate mounting hardware. Therefore each Acoustifuser comes with FREE custom mounting cleats. 

      A corresponding "wall cleat" will also be included inside of the box with your order. Simply hang the provided "wall cleat" wherever you desire the panel to be placed on the wall.

      Secure the wall cleat to a stud when/where possible. Wall anchors will substitute where necessary. Our custom panel cleats are made by hand in our shop & are cut to the exact specs of your Acoustifuser panel's framing. Our custom made Panel Cleating is the best method to utilize when hanging heavy acoustic / diffusion panels. Utilizing this method will save you A LOT time when installing your Acoustifuser and will insure they're mounted properly & secure.  


















      Acoustifuser Panels will aid in correcting audio phase issues created within your room. Phase problems are typically caused by the shape of a room and how audio is responding within it. Direct audio reflections caused by square or rectangular shaped rooms nearly always create "peaks and nulls" in distinctive frequencies at various locations within that room.

      "Nulls" develop when the amplitude (volume) of different frequencies significantly decrease in specific areas within the room. This occurs when the phasing of a reverberating audio wave meets an opposing wave formation at the same frequency causing a perceived decrease in that particular frequency. This phenomena is commonly referred to as "phase cancelation".  

      "Peaks" develop when the amplitude (volume) of different frequencies significantly increase in specific areas within the room. This occurs when the phasing of a reverberating audio wave meets a corresponding wave formation at the same frequency causing a perceived increase in that particular frequency.

      Peaks and Nulls cause audio within a room to not be accurately and evenly represented everywhere throughout the room. Having different levels of perceived frequencies at certain locations is extremely problematic in any critical listening, recording or mixing environment.  

      Our exclusive Acoustifuser panels are the ideal solution for reducing and correcting the peaks and nulls within your room! Especially when placed or installed at critical reflection points.







       If you have any questions about how our exclusive Acoustifuser panels can help you achieve your best acoustical environment - or if you are interested in a size customization inquiry, please feel free to contact us!