Elevate your space with precision-crafted sound diffusion. Our Sonic Diffusers are mathematically designed to scatter reflected sound equally in all directions, creating a unique visual element while enhancing acoustics.

Ideal for recording studios, music venues, hi-fi theater rooms, and mastering rooms, these diffusers can effectively manage reverberation and flutter echo while expanding perceived sonic space. Next Generation's Sonic Diffusers will correct audio phase issues caused by room's shape and reflections, guaranteeing accurate sound representation.

Crafted from a premium pine each diffuser is meticulously hand-built in North Carolina. With dimensions of 2ft x 2ft x 4.5in and a weight of 28lbs per unit they offer a Frequency Response Range of 1250Hz - 10K. Custom pre-mounted installation cleats ensure secure mounting. Each individual well is hand-sanded, hand stained and tediously secured onto a premium birch backing, ensuring long-term durability and optimal acoustic diffusion.

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