Ear Care! How to Maintain Healthy Ears and Hearing.


How to maintain healthy ears and hearing for the rest of your life - in ten minutes. In this post we talk about something that seems to be a bit neglected in our industry: How to take care of your ears! The most valuable tool in your arsenal! 💪

In this community we often discuss sound and how it affects the world around us, but what good is that if our tools to perceive it with aren’t at 100%?! I talk about this subject a lot in real life with other pro audio professionals so knew it would be valuable to share our knowledge on matter here with you all. HopefullyI will help you to avoid some of the mistakes that I’ve made in the past with my ear health. Sources, studies and references to back everything that I have said can be found below. Hope you enjoy and have an awesome day!



1. Get them checked & get them cleaned.

If you’re watching this video because you already have issues going on with your ears, it’s probably best to get them checked or cleaned. If you have had your ears checked/cleaned before - tell about your experience in the comment section!


2. Cleaning your ears.

You are probably cleaning your ears wrong... More data & references for proper cleaning practices: 👇

How to Properly Clean Your Ears and Remove Wax Build-Up: https://www.insidehook.com/article/grooming/properly-clean-ears-wax-buildup/

Three Reasons to Leave Earwax Alone:


The Do's and Dont's of Cleaning Your Ears:



3. Be careful how you listen!

- Listening volume (obviously guys 🙄)

- The dangers of earbuds: 👇

Earbuds: Not your ears' best buds after all:



4. Rest and general health. Proper sleep, hydration, exercise and a good environment tie into hearing health. 👇

The Link Between Healthy Hearing and Overall Health:


The Role of Nutrition in Healthy Hearing:


Five Things About Hearing and Balance:



5. Rest and Relaxation. - Stress is a major contributor to hearing loss and general lack of well being 👇

How high stress can lead to hearing loss:


A Link Between Stress and Hearing Loss:


- Taking some time away from audio work can help your ears get back to their optimal state…

Fatigued Audio syndrome IS REAL! 👇

How to Prevent Ear Fatigue When Mixing Audio:


How to Prevent Ear Fatigue when Producing and Mixing Music:



6. Acoustical treatment This is where we come in! How Noise Pollution Is Ruining Your Hearing:


The four ways sounds affects us:



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