Broadcast Room

Acoustically Treating a Broadcast Room

If you're creating a professional broadcast space to use for radio or podcasting the room's acoustics certainly need to be taken into consideration. The main goal is to achieve vocal clarity. If your podcasts have poor audio quality than it won't matter how good your content is. Listeners won't be able to understand or hear you clearly and it will be hard for them to pay attention for any considerable amount of time. Achieving basic vocal clarity won't require fancy diffusers or Bass traps and in most instances a set of acoustic panels will do the job just fine. We recommend 20% minimum through 60% maximum room coverage to achieve an ideal acoustical environment for podcasting and/or radio broadcasting. The more coverage you have, the less reverberation your microphones will pick up. A clear dry recording is usually sought for podcasting and radio. This will ensure that your voice is clean, clear and easy to listen to. 

To calculate this requirement, take the square footage dimensions (room length x room width) and multiply that by .20    The resulting number is the total square footage of acoustical treatments needed for your space. Remember that this is the minimum amount. To achieve 60% room coverage use the same equation and multiply the square footage by .60 and that will give you a true isolation room. Somewhere in between is usually ideal depending on the shape and size of your room. 

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